Setting My Self “Free”

I haven’t been bound to a regular, full-time job outside my home for five years. Searching for one isn’t fun in this LinkedIn, Zoom interview paradigm either. That’s why I’m setting myself free. I mentioned this earlier. Months ago? Time bleeds, sweeping the months of this crazy year into a gushing wound in need of …

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An Author’s Thoughts on Two Authors

Asking an author who their favorite author is might get you all sorts of interesting responses. They might say something like: “Me. Duh!” For me, it’s a loaded question. It might not be tantamount to climbing Mt. Everest or naming my favorite book, but it would be a pretty close third. (I’ll let YOU decide …

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What I’ve Learned in this “Year of Rest”

Enter the second week of the eighth month of the year two-thousand-and-twenty. About ten months ago, I realized I had slid into creative burnout and I needed creative rest and refueling. Thus, the word for the year was chosen. Back then, none of us understood how much unrest would grip our world. It started with …

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