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From the Cannabis 101 Guidebook


Marijuana. Hemp. Cannabis. CBD oil.

All of these refer to the same plant, right? If that’s true, why do we have to use so many different terms?

That’s what this guidebook is about. Urban Re-Leaf founder Denise Smith wants everyone to understand the benefits of cannabis essential oils since they are a major ingredient in the Urban Re-Leaf candles. In order for that to happen, false claims must be debunked, and factual information needs to be spread.

Urban Re-Leaf believes the benefits of cannabis products is widely untapped. Hemp products offer many benefits. With the recent lift of bans on producing industrial hemp, consumers are being introduced to more hemp-derived products. Not because the use of hemp in manufacturing or CBD oil in the treatment of many health concerns is new. This is a product that’s been around for ages, and science is finding its old uses weren’t fabled or unfounded.

At the end of this short guide, you’ll find a short FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section. If you still have questions, please ask them. The contact email for Urban Re-Leaf is at the end of the FAQs to facilitate those queries.

The purpose of this guide is to keep consumers from being flummoxed by the many terms thrown around in reference to cannabinoid products. Additionally, Urban Re-Leaf hopes you’ll understand the benefits of cannabis and hemp products and the value they can add to your self-care programs.

(Nearly 5,000 words researched and written for the client. See the live book here.)

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