Outline of Email Campaign for Chiropractor

Mail One:

Subject Line: Living the Healthy Lifestyle

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Meet Bob. He’s the average Southern California business owner. At nearly six feet tall, Bob lives an active lifestyle, filled with CrossFit, weight training, and yoga during the week and beach or mountain sports on the weekend.

In fact, Bob would rather be outside, and as an environmentally conscious person, he bikes to work whenever possible. But, still there are plenty of days when he hits the gym at five in the morning.

That’s where he met Jeremy. Jeremy hung to the back corner of the early morning yoga class, and his water bottle and towel sat near Bob’s. Bob couldn’t help but notice how smoothly the man moved from pose to pose. He’d been doing this awhile.

After class, the instructor bee-lines for Jeremy, wanting to know how the class went. She beams and introduces him as, “My favorite yogi. He’s helped me live healthy.”

Bob’s thinking, He doesn’t look like a tofu-eating new-ager. In fact, Jeremy seems embarrassed by all the attention. In the locker room, Bob sees him mixing some sort of protein powder into a bottle. They talk about different lean-eating plans, and Bob heads to the office. He likes to beat his small crew of employees to work.

Just another day at the gym. No need to think about an impact-ready lifestyle that includes a healthy spine.

Everyone thinks living the healthy lifestyle is enough. They work out and eat right. But disease and accidents happen to the health-conscious with the same regularity as they do others.

Next time: What happens when Bob’s healthy lifestyle gets side-lined?

Mail Two:

Subject Line: Even Fit People Have Accidents

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Remember Bob? His small business is thriving, and he’s living the life of his dreams. It’s a life that includes a recreational softball league because the gym is for rainy days, and California loves its outdoor sports.

Bob’s weight-training and aerobic activities make him the heavy hitter on the team. He doesn’t disappoint. He drives home a run with a double.

There’s no stranding Bob on base. Two plays later, he gets his chance to score. The throw from the shortstop is coming fast. Bob dives head-first into home plate, and the umpire calls him safe. His team is screaming from the dugout, and the next batter is there to high-five him.

Crackle. Pop. Bob’s back and shoulder scream. His breath catches in his throat. What happened? He didn’t notice anything during the adrenaline high of the moment.

By Monday, he’s not any better. On his way to the sauna instead of the workout room, Bob passes Jeremy.

“What happened to you, Bob?”

“Softball. It was just my shoulder and back on Saturday, but now I can hardly move my head. And pain is shooting down my hip.” Bob groans with his next step.

Jeremy commiserates and suggests an all-natural soothing rub made with essential oils. He even has some in his bag. How about if he leaves some for Bob to use?

Bob is grateful to try anything. After the steam room and his shower, Bob finds a paper cup with some light blue lotion beside a business card.

“This will sting after the steam room,” is written on the back. “Call me if you’re not better by Wednesday.”

(Digital business card graphic here)

Maybe that’s truly a miracle rub. Or maybe it’s only a stop-gap. Find out next time how Bob kicks all that pain to the curb and gets back in the batters’ box.

Mail Three:

Subject Line: A Pain-Free Offer of Health

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Remember Bob? He’s a healthy-eating active-living superstar. One who was sidelined by a sports injury.

He applied the special sauce Jeremy left for him on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday at work, Bob’s head throbs. Yes, the rub helped his hip and shoulder, but pain darts through his back and up his neck.

Like many people, Bob is not a fan of over-the-counter drugs, or anything unnatural going in his body. Months before, his sister hooked him up with some essential oils, and there was a blend that kicked his headaches in no time. He dabs the oil on his temples and the back of his neck, expecting relief in a few minutes.

Not today. His headache blend isn’t touching the pain.

One call to the number on Jeremy’s card, and Bob gets an 8:30 appointment before work the next day.

Thursday as he leaves The Life Center, he’s still groaning a little. In his hand, he has a list of some yoga stretches to do before bed.

The next morning, the alarm clock isn’t Bob’s enemy. He bounces out of bed, no headache, no neck pain and just a twinge in his back.

Don’t be like Bob. Don’t wait until the pain migrates and sidelines you from your active lifestyle.

Mail Four:

About The offer and YOU.

Mail Five:

Subject Line: Be Healthy Like Bob

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Our friend Bob is living the good life again. It’s not all because of Dr. Jeremy and The Life Center, but Bob knows they’ve played a huge role.

One day, Bob’s walking out of the gym after another great workout and nearly runs into Addy. She used to trash talk with him around the weightlifting circuit, but he hasn’t seen her in a few weeks. When he asks where she’s been, he hears a strangely familiar story.

“I hurt my shoulder. It bugs me if I try to lift.” Addy’s hand massages the errant muscle.

Bob knows exactly what Addy needs. He tells her all about his own experience with Dr. Jeremy. “He’s a buddy. It’s not like going to a doctor at all.” He smiles. “Except he makes the pain go away.”

“No pain? I can’t imagine.” Addy grimaces as she tries to roll her shoulder. “I wonder if I’ll ever move without it again.”

Bob hands Addy one of Dr. Jeremy’s cards. He carries them all the time now because he’s a believer. He’d thought he was healthy before, but after a few months on Dr. Jeremy’s program, he’s stronger, more alert and life is better than great.

“Call him. He’ll do a consult for like $60.”

Addy takes the card and makes the call. One five-star review later, and she has no shoulder pain and increased energy.

Be like Bob and Addy.

Mail Six:

I’d like to use a testimonial here. Bob meets a reviewer from YOUR site.

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