An Update on the Progress of my Manuscript

I hope someday to connect with my readers on this blog. As of this moment, I know most of my faithful followers are family, friends and other writers. Thank you for your support.

According to Jedi Master of Social Media, Kristen Lamb, I shouldn’t write about writing on my blog. My readers don’t care about it. In theory, I agree with her expert advice and follow it to the best of my ability.

However, I’m breaking her rule today. (Just this once, Master! I promise!) As an unpublished author, I don’t have the type of “readers” who only want to learn about the writer behind the story yet. In fact, some of you have actually asked how the manuscript was coming along.

For those of you who want to be “in the know,” here’s a rundown of my novel’s life:

  • Book one in the series started the beginning of September 2013.
  • Book two was written in 23 days during NaNoWriMo, November 2013
  • Book three was finished by the end of January 2014 (which was a miracle as far as I’m concerned, considering what was happening in my life at that time)
  • Read-through and rewrite of book one took most of February
  • Stage one revisions were completed by March 21
  • Manuscript sent to six beta readers for return by April 15, 2014 (Tax Day: a happy coincidence?)
  • First week of May spent making changes to the manuscript based on feedback from the beta readers (They improved the story so much. I love them!)
  • Stage two revisions finished by May 21
  • Read-through and final touch-ups
  • Manuscript to proofreader by May 30
  • First query letter to top agency of choice with sample pages sent June 6, 2014
  • Submit first 20 pages (and a synopsis) for critique by Alex Hughes at Willamette Writer’s Conference by June 18

What I hope happens next in this process:

  • An agent asks to see the whole manuscript
  • When I meet with Katie Reed of the Andrea Hurst agency at the conference in August, she asks me to send the manuscript
  • One of these agents loves my story and signs me up
  • They help me edit and perfect the manuscript (Yes, I know it isn’t perfect)
  • A publisher picks it up by the end of October, and I see my first book in print by October 2015

I know that’s a crazy long timeline. This arduous process is one thing that makes indie publishing look more attractive and self-publishing amazing. I need the traditional route for my first book. If it gets picked up, I know I’m ready to be read by the general public.

When the time comes, this website will light up with release dates, promotions and events. My life will get crazy because the publisher will be demanding the next two manuscripts in the series. Hopefully, I will be able to get them perfected in the year it takes for the first one to find the shelf at your local bookstore and on Amazon, of course.

Thank you for encouraging me to stay the course toward seeing my life-long dream come true. I couldn’t have done it without you!

7 thoughts on “An Update on the Progress of my Manuscript”

    1. Thanks, Kelly. Mailed off a query to my top choice agent. They only wanted a letter and if they like the idea, they’ll ask for 10 pages. It felt like querying for permission to query.
      I’m on track with my timetable and that keeps me happy. How is your own writing coming along?

      1. Slowly but Shirley! I’m still in the editing stages on WIP #1, and have a few beta readers picked out. I also have a nice outline in place for #2, which I’ll be writing during NaNoWriMo this year. So not too bad. I just need to find a better balance between blogging and social media-ing, while trying to work my full-time day job. Bit of a juggling act, that…

  1. You’ve written 3 books in an incredibly short amount of time considering. You should be very proud of that accomplishment. I’ll keep my fingers crossed your dream agent/publisher asks for more. I’m sure your big moment is right around the corner. You’re doing everything right. Keep at it. It will happen one day so long as you don’t give up. Never, ever give up. A dear friend of mine (some day we’ll meet) just signed a 7 book deal with McMillan. She’s 68 years old. If Mary can do it, so can we. Keep truckin’ my friend.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jenny. Believe me, some days it is all I can do not to look for a “real job” and stop tormenting myself with the possibility of becoming published. Then I read something from you or one of the other writers I’ve met online, and I know I will get there if I don’t give up.
      I’m excited to hear about your manuscript success, too. I will be wanting a signed copy of your first novel, you know.

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