Airport Again

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Summer means vacation. This might mean a trip to the airport. Or two. Not twenty.

This summer, I’ve been to the airport almost on a weekly basis. Actually, I believe I went twice one week.

Wow! I must have been traveling all over the place. Sounds fun. Exciting or even adventurous.

Wrong. I was little more than a taxi on most of these occasions.

Other than my flight out in June and my flight in from Germany in July, I traveled nowhere (except to the airport). Of course, in two weeks I’ll head for Hawaii. *maniacal grin*

As a summer job, my youngest son landed an interesting position working events for Intel. His employers mandated a drive to Dupont, WA. After that, he had more exciting venues: San Diego, Anaheim, Chicago, Dallas and finally Seattle.

He needed transportation to the airport for most of these.

One week, both boys flew out on the same day. Of course, one flight was in the morning and the other in the evening. For some reason, the one on the evening flight had no interest in spending the day at the airport.

Enjoying free WIFI
Enjoying free WIFI

Why not? They have free WIFI. That’s the most important element in this age of being connected via the Internet all the time, right?

Wrong. So, my youngest got a ride with his grandfather in the morning and my oldest drove through rush hour traffic to his evening flight. I had to drive my car back home, of course.

Summer means road construction. Road construction means delays and detours. Driving in the city exposes everyone to annoying drivers who think they should have special privileges.

My least favorite thing these entitled road hogs do: speed by in the empty right hand lane that ends (that’s why it’s empty) and then barging in ahead of those of us who’ve been waiting patiently. I’m pretty sure these are the same kids that cut in the lunch line at school.

Why is this irritating? They cause the problem.  Traffic backs up because of these people who make “cutting in line” their practice. Really. The line would move faster for everyone if they would just take their place at the back.

You can tell I love driving to the airport, right?

The boon of this airport taxiing: eating out. After the pickup at the arrival terminal, we drive a mile down the road and eat at Red Robin. We’ve almost become regulars. It would be terrifying if not for the bottomless fries and drinks.

Heading to the airport to pick up the vacationer returning from Las Vegas. I  get to be a passenger, while my husband drives among the crazies. I might read a book on my phone. Oh – and order a famous Red Robin burger.

Do you have any traffic pet peeves? Don’t be grouchy. Spin them in a funny way when you share them in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Airport Again”

  1. That is one of the most irritating things about driving through construction!;Which I have experienced several times in the past few weeks. You are sitting there, not moving or creeping along, trying to be patient and have a good attitude, because ‘hey – we will get better roads, improved bridges, when this is done – right?’ Then along comes the line cutter, and they are gonna squeeze in – even if there is no room! Eventually I have to start telling them they are not very nice, and they should wait behind me like everyone else!

  2. I feel Sharon’s pain with trips to the airport! Living in Jakarta the trip can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 21/2 hours so you always have to allow for the maximum which means you are often early!! OK if you are flying out and the taxi is just dropping you off (A two hour trip costs around $12 US) so why would we drive ourselves…..actually we don’t have a car and driver like most expats here so this is our only option!
    But the same drivers heading to airports in America must also be on the roads here in Indonesia….for no apparent reason there can be a stop in traffic for twenty minutes simply because a lane disappears!
    I love mobile technology so I can bury my head in my ipad and legally cyber stalk my kids on fb (who all live in other countries) or read the Australian newspaper or play mindless games, so I don’t have the blood boiling desire to exit the car and pound on the bonnet of the inconsiderate drivers in the terminating lane!!!

    1. Denise-
      My husband was driving on this last trip so I could play a little Words with Friends and scope out Facebook. That is the best thing about being the passenger.
      Unfortunately, there’s just something about ignorant or rude drivers. They really push my blood pressure through the roof.
      Thanks for your comments. Is it wrong to say I’m glad to hear jerky drivers aren’t just an American affliction?

  3. Today I had a curious thought…. Turn signals. Do you know what color they are on Cars? Are they the same or different on the front and the back. Are they always the same color? In all cars?

    1. Jeff says turn signal lights have to be yellow or red, but no, they aren’t the same on all cars. They can’t be white, but some cars only have one color on the rear (red) so both brakes and turn signals are red on those cars.
      Does the color make a difference?

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