A New Library In Town: One Stop For Writers

If there’s one thing all writers agree on, it’s that writing is TOUGH. The road to publication twists and dips as we learn the craft, hone our abilities, create stories we’re passionate about, fight discouragement, educate ourselves about the industry…and then start the process all over again as we realize there’s room to improve. But you know what? If you are like me, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yet, sometimes it’s nice to get a helping hand.

Finding a good writing book, a helpful blog, a mentor or critique partner to share the journey with…these things are gems along the writing path.

And guess what? Maybe there’s another resource waiting just up the road called One Stop For Writers.

One Stop For Writers is not writing software, but rather a powerful online library that contains tools, unique description collections, helpful tutorials and much more, brought to you by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, the authors of The Emotion Thesaurus and Lee Powell, the creator of Scrivener for Windows.

Could One Stop For Writers be the writing partner you’ve been searching for? Visit Writers Helping Writers this week and see, where Angela, Lee and Becca are celebrating their venture with prizes and some pay-it-forward fun.


2 thoughts on “A New Library In Town: One Stop For Writers”

  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you so much for letting One stop take over, and for sharing our video. Every time I see it I smile–I really love the job our video people did on it. 🙂

    I hope you have a terrific weekend, and thank you again so much for helping with our launch! 🙂

    1. Angela-
      Thanks for putting all your amazing writing resources in one place. I know using the tools at One Stop are really going to help me rock my NaNoWriMo novel next month. And my Emotion Thesaurus will still stay within easy reach on my desk.

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